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C&C (C&C Sanitation), Inc. is privately owned and operated. The company has been in the rubbish, garbage, and trash removal industry for 36 years. As a matter of fact, at C&C Sanitation we love “Talking Trash” and that says it all. C&C Disposal, Incorporated in 1973 changed its name to C&C Sanitation, Incorporated in 2003

C&C Sanitation, Inc. owns and operates a transfer station in Lagrange, Georgia a private disposal facility. Our transfer station accepts recyclable products. There is really only one reason why you should recycle, our environment. C&C Sanitation offers pick up of recyclable aluminum, paper, plastic, corrugated cardboard and more.

C&C Sanitation provides trash and garbage collection, junk removal, trash services, construction trash removal, recycling, and disposal services to residential HOA’s, commercial and industrial roll-off customers. We offer a wide variety of services that can meet each customer's individual needs, servicing the Metro Atlanta, LaGrange, Georgia area.

For 36 years, C&C Sanitation has been servicing the Metro Atlanta and LaGrange communities. C&C Sanitation is a full service company that offers residential, commercial, industrial trash service, garbage service, construction service, trash cans, construction boxes, and recycle hauling services. C&C Sanitation offers the most efficient and quality service available.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Within our website, you'll find the history of C&C Sanitation and the services we offer including recycling vs. waste disposal, contact page including transfer station, and questions and answers.

Please call our Director of Sales at 404-444-5244 with any questions regarding our services. Our representatives will be glad to offer you assistance in determining the level of service that best fits your needs.

We are a Full Service Company that offers Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Recycling Hauling Services.  We are Committed to Offering The Most Innovative Waste Solutions for the
21st Century.

Services We Offer

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Industrial/Construction Roll-Off Collection 20YD. thru 40YD Open-top Compaction

Commerical Waste Collection
2YD. thru 8YD.

Residential Waste Collection

C&C Sanitation

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404-444-5244 Director of Sales

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